User Interfaces for applications on phones and desktop are all about design and ease of use. Without the right feel and look you could lose your audience. I offer design services for the user interface of applications across platforms including VR and AR. Design ideation for tech is a specialty of mine. Here's some more details on my work in the field of tech and my design process. Read more...

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These are some Websites 

I have Built:

This is my artist website, it was built to match the style of my contemporary paintings as well as feel like a gallery wall. It's wireframe is very complex and made to match the style of the works themselves. 

Artwork For Sale.JPG

Create 360 is a design studio that specializes in virtual reality. The nature of their business demanded a colorful, artistic and bold design. It is heavily built around moving features including 360 video. Loving the color pop of the back splash image we designed each page of information to have signature "cut throughs" that both serve as info graphics and give the site a unique 3 dimensional effect. 

Create 360.JPG

I created this website for a real estate developer with the goal of matching the look and feel of their competitors. I worked with my client to create an SEO campaign to bring this website up to the top of google searches, matching companies of a much larger scale. This site features minimal animation and interaction design for a high-quality, user friendly feel. 

Dollar General For Sale.JPG

Mama's Medicine is a local Utah apothecary. Their website was designed as an ecommerce store that is integrated with instagram. My client's goal was to get from a photo of their product on instagram to a sale in 3 clicks. 

Mama's Medicine.JPG

Diamond Phillips is a boutique architecture firm located in SLC, UT. My clients vision was a massive part of this project and they were involved in the most minute detail. Overall I was able to held them find a website that matched the tone and style of the spaces they create. 

Artist Ali Mitchell lives and works in Salt Lake City, UT. Contact for commissions and sales at ali.mitchell.n@gmail.com

All images are owned and under copyright by Alison Mitchell.