Recent Events & Exhibitions

Virtual Identity Summit Presented by Morph3D

The national Virtual Reality Identity Conference hosted in Park City, Utah prominently featured artworks by artist Ali Mitchell. The works included large-scale light installation, virtual reality artworks, and physical sculptures hand sculpted by Mitchell in VR and 3D printed. Her exhibit attempted to show the changing landscape of art and technology and how they can be powerfully intertwined. 

OIL FIELDS: Forgoing Fossil Fuels

Opening Night Party and Benefit Sept. 15

Join us for the opening night party for the "Oil Fields" contemporary art exhibition, featuring multi-media sculptures and paintings by artist Ali Mitchell. We will be using this night to celebrate art, activism and community commitment to sustainable design and energy.


Come for the light food and drinks, live music and stunning artwork- stay to hang out with leading art professionals, local businesses devoted to sustainable energy and for the launch of the Salt Lake City Design Collective, an up-and-coming start-up whose philosophy is devoted to sustainable design, manufacturing and shipping. 

Artist Ali Mitchell lives and works in Salt Lake City, UT. Contact for commissions and sales at ali.mitchell.n@gmail.com

All images are owned and under copyright by Alison Mitchell.